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What is Core Flex Alliance?

There is a growing trend for organizations to offer core flex or lump sum relocation programs. Organizations are providing the employee with a lump sum of money and allowing them to manage their own relocation. They are also developing a core flex policy, in that they provide a core policy, but allow the flexibility to pick and choose the services that are relevant to the transferee.

By offering these options, organizations contain costs, reduce administration, and provide a more flexible program to employees. Our Core Flex Alliance is a logical solution for both options.

Why the Name Core Flex Alliance?

Rather than referring to a form of relocation policy, we are using core flex as a metaphor for our business model. By forming a team or alliance of professional suppliers focused on our own core competencies, you are ensured a team of relocation experts to support the flexibility of supplier choice. The allies are all focused on quality service and packaged into a one-stop shop platform.

Instead of leaving the selection of service providers to chance, our alliance gathers industry experts into one location. Your employee can select services confidently from a menu of reliable relocation experts that have been in the mobility industry for many years.

Each ally is an expert and industry leader in their field, with strong core competencies and an in-depth understanding of the relocation process. As experts in our fields, we self-manage our own respective core offering, and foster a collaborative culture with warm handoffs to other alliance professionals. The client seamlessly flows through this self-managed peer-to-peer process.

As there are no management or referral fees, this model facilitates best pricing and direct ownership and responsibility for the service delivery and overall success of the alliance. We also have the best experts in the industry, and we are more than willing to provide advice or suggestions on any aspect of relocation. Finally, we actively look for and foster innovation, and are always looking for the latest and greatest idea on the market, compiling the information on our innovations & perks section for you to view.


How to Use Us?

Just make this website and/or our list of alliance members available to your transferee and let them decide if they want to use us or not. No contracts, no pressure!